1863 Proof Liberty Quarter Eagle

A second proof-only issue of the series is the 1863 Proof Liberty Quarter Eagle. A total of 30 pieces was recorded to have been minted in proof format, with no coins struck for circulation. From the scant original mintage, it is likely that not all of these pieces were sold by the Mint, leaving some to be melted.

Rare in all grades, a few circulated Proofs exist, along with a few true uncirculated coins which were carefully kept since their mintage. This is the most difficult coin that was struck in the American Civil War, and the key to a Civil War dated set. An estimated 15 to 20 coins are believed to exist in all grades.

The finest known examples of the 1863 Proof Liberty Quarter Eagle are two pieces graded NGC PF 66 Ultra Cameo. One of these sold for $149.400 in January 2007. Most recently, an example graded NGC PF 63 Cameo sold for $57,500 in October 2011.